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Professional, respectful, well rounded, and adventurous - A few key things I strive for everytime I set foot on or off the water.  Since my beginning  in professional water sports in 2003, I have been working to bring a positive outlook and fresh spin in the kayak and now SUP world.  Whether it's surfing and paddling the world's biggest and best river waves, or goofing off in the flats with my sidekick Shredder, My heart is on the water!  Its been an amazing journey getting me to this point in my life and this is just the beginning! 


  • Degree -  Recreation Parks & Tourism - Radford University 

    • Outdoor Recreation & Recreation Management ​

  • Job Experience 

    • Resort Management ​

    • Outdoor Education 

    • Professional Guide - SUP, Kayak, Raft 

    • Snow Terrain Park Designer and Management 

    • Professional Athlete 

    • Athlete Management 

    • Field Marketing Specialist 

    • Photo and Video Content Specialist 


Over the years the word Rivershred has become synonimous with my name in the river world.  I started using Rivershred as a way to describe my actions and thoughts about kayaking and now SUP and River Surfing.  "lets go Rivershredding!" is a  commonly heard phrase around the river.  Rivershred is a common thread on all of my social media links to the public which connects all my content into one word.   Rivershred most recently is the name of a brand new Whitewater SUP board I designed with Badfish SUP for all your Rivershredding needs!  Shred on! 

Rivershred Mike Tavares


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