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Whitewater SUP Videos - Mike Tavares

Have you ever wondered how to do an eddy turn, ferry across the river, or do a backside 360 on a small foamy river wave? Either way, you found yourself to this page and your probably going to binge watch all of my amazing new river videos! But on a serious note, I have been wanting to put these out for some time and finally got around to getting them out there to the public.

I've been teaching whitewater Sup and Kayaking for about 10 years now and I have seen a need for the basics to be refreshed all across the board and especially taught correctly at the entry level. These videos are no substitute for true hands on river time with a professional, but will give you a couple of tidbits to throw around in your mind before your next session, or better yet spark the fire to get you into the sport!

Give me a shout if you have any questions about the videos, comments, cries of anguish, or just want to connect about getting on the river for professional instruction with me. Until next time,

Mike T

Crossbow 360

River Running Basics

River Running Advanced Tips

Swimming and Recovery Tips

Surf and Ferry both Directions

See you on the River,

Mike T

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